"It is important to be committed to sustainable mobility"

Our Mission

Eurist is a non-govermental organisation promoting policies that improve the environmental, social and enconomic sustainibility of transport and mobility around the world. Our work focuses on the relation between transport and CO2 emissions reduction, transport and Millennium Development Goals, Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Protection, Road Safety and Freight. Eurist is based in Hamburg, Germany´s second  biggest city and economic hub for Northern Europe. We work with an extensive network of national and international partners.

Our Values & Beliefs

 The association is selflessly active

Our belief is that science and researche, education in the field of environmentally firendly, sustainable and equitable transport can counteract global anthropogenic climate change and contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of all people´s social, cultural and economic development.

 EURIST believes in the potential of decision-makers and instituions 

in the transport sector and intends to motivate them to play a role in the global development of transport structures – espacially in developing and transition countries.

EURIST will remain critical and reflective against upcoming technical and technological developments

in the transport sector and stand in for a balanced development of technological and non-technological investements and policies in future transformation of global and local zero-emisson mobility lifestyles.

Dr. Jürgen Perschon

Founder of EURIST

As part of his geography studies, Jürgen Perschon, founder of EURIST (and its predecessor organisation ITDP Europe) travelled to East Africa and studied the connection between people’s living conditions, development opportunities and mobility. During his research trips through Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, he almost exclusively used his own bicycle or borrowed a domestic one, mostly from Indian or Chinese production. In 2003, Jürgen founded the European section of ITDP (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy / New York) in Berlin. ITDP carried out bicycle development projects in many countries.