Study Tour

Study tours offer the opportunity of immersion in real life experience.
It offers not only students but also decision makers the chance of appreciating practices in a chosen field in a way that lectures and presentations cannot.
EURIST offers study tours with the goal of enhancing perspectives in sustainable mobility.

In this way, we expand people’s activity radius who would have otherwise rely on getting around on foot. The bicycles allow much larger distances to be covered which in many cases is that difference that enables access to clean water, education and health care. A bicycle increases the chance of participating in community life and is a means of combating poverty. For the beneficiary groups, a bicycle is a big help to being able to help one’s self.

More information on Make a Move Campaign Projects is available below. For further informational flyers, reports and newspaper articles on our bicycle projects please check our publications section..

2015 – 2018
Iraq Delegations Visit

Out of our long lasting cooperation and partnership with Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu from the Dortmund University of Technology, we could finally develop a partnership with the University of Dohuk in northern Irak.

A delegation of professors and students from Dohuk came to Hamburg in June for a study tour of interesting transport issues in Hamburg organised and guided by Eurist.

After a successful first experience, study tours were maintained in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Study Tour Algeria

To showcase African Best Practice a study tour was organized for a high level delegation from Uganda, including the Executive Director of Kampala Capital city Authority (KCCA) to the ropeways systems in Algeria (Algiers and Constantine). One result of the study tour was the allocation of municipal funds for a feasibility study, carried out through an experienced Canadian Consultancy from late 2014 on. The idea was already presented to the Government of Uganda, getting positive feedback from the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.