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Embarq, Holger Dalkmann

Presentation on the need for a Quito Action Agenda

 Holger Dalkmann, Dario Hidalgo, Juan Miguel Velasquez

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Kontaktaufnahme IFMO, Tobias Neumann

Nach freundlicher Kontaktaufnahme von Tobias Neumann freuen wir uns Seine Website, ein kostenloses E-book zum Thema Fahrrad und einen Link zur Studie „Mobilität junger Menschen“

Vielen Dank an Tobias!


Mobilität junger Menschen


Ausstellung „Das Fahrrad“ im Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg

9. Mai.2014 – 1. März 2015

Eurist unterstützt die Ausstellung mit einigen Leihgaben aus Jürgens privater Sammlung. Unter anderem das Boda-Boda aus Uganda und Die Fahrrad-Rikscha aus China.

Hier geht´s zum Blog der Ausstellung:



EURIST – Interim Report April 2014

1)    News from the different Ropeway Projects:

  • Kampala is tendering the Feasibility Study today  – Selection of Consultants in July
  • Addis and Abijan have reached a self-dynamic level
  • Dar Es Salaam: looking for serious commitment on higher level
  • Lusaka, Harare: Active status but more input required
  • Kigali, Dakar, Rabat, Lüttich, Swedish cities: working on it
  • Hamburg: EURIST invited to strategic round table in the coming months

2)    Summer Schools:

  • TUHH Feedback imminent
  • UBA Feedback expected July
  • Ethiopian Summer School: Offer sent
  • Team Red is interested to cooperate in this for 2015 activities (they just founded a Mobility Academy)

3)    Results Metropolitan Solutions Hannover:

  • EURIST moderated a session at ICLIE Town hall, was on the Panel in another session and held a ropeway presentation
  • There might be new chances to write a ropeway-publication in Architecture Magazines
  • EURIST will become official partner of the 2015 Ecomobility Festival in Berlin (ICLEI)
  • ICLEI is very interested to offer summer schools with us to their members

4)    Results MAKE A MOVE Meeting in Office

  • BREAKTRHOUGH for MAKE A MOVE?? Luisa Natiwi is starting to cooperate with EURIST and MAKE A MOVE
    Luisa is a famous Ugandan from the Karamoja Region, who appeared  in German TV and radio several times.
    She is enthusiastic about MAKE A MOVE and wants a close cooperation. She asked us to join her in all her TV shows if possible.
    She has also excellent  contacts in print media.
  • Decision to make the Buffalo Bike our new Bike for Afric
  • Photo Shooting with the bike for an article in Hinzt & Kunzt Magazine at Hamburg Alster
  • Malte (FABIO Intern in Jinja) made excellent photos and also a study which will be used on a new Flyer and the MaM Website
  • Volkswagen/Terres des Hommes Project: Concept Note expected any time soon

5)     Cooperation with Team Red (Berlin)

  •  Team Red is a Network of independent Transport experts operating from Berlin.
  • They are organized in Teams, eg. Cycling Policy, Traffic Management
  • Public Transport, etc..
  • Eurist has founded a new Team „International Transport Policy“ within Team Red.   Jürgen (Team Leader) and Matthias will be the main responsables.
  • The Team will be made up out of Eurist experts. With the strengths of both organizations we can offer wide expertise and apply for bigger projects.
  • Team Red staff will assist in project aquisition
  • We need to produce a website and a Team Red – Flyer


Pedestrian and cyclist safety in Uganda

in the „Global Development Blog“ of The Guardian (

Post by Rob de Jong (Head of the transport unit at Unep) Mach 19th 2014


 EURIST signs Warsaw – Statement

November 2013

From time to time there are moments in the history of an organization where its members  are called upon to give their active support to an initiative directly related to the objectives of the organization.
This is such a moment for the SLoCaT partnership. When your organization joined SLoCaT you expressed your support for the Bellagio Declaration, which amongst others states: “ Effective Climate Action is incomplete without addressing the overall system performance of the Transport Sector“.
This message is reflected in the Warsaw Statement on Low Carbon Transport and Sustainable Development“, the outcome document of Transport Day 2013.  This document was drafted by a small committee chaired by Michael Replogle (ITDP) and benefitted from the inputs of many of you.
We intend to make active use of the Warsaw Statement in our outreach activities on transport and climate change. It is important therefor to have broad registered support for the Warsaw Statement. We are therefore asking you to give your organizational endorsement of the Warsaw Statement. You can do so by going to: and endorse the Warsaw Statement.
In addition, we also have the possibility for individuals to endorse the Warsaw Statement and we hope that many of you and your colleagues will also express their individual support.

Thank you in advance for your support.


New UN-Habitat Report on urban development

New UN-Habitat Report on urban development

There is a need for a holistic approach to urban development and human settlements which provides for affordable housing and infrastructure and prioritizes slum upgrading and urban regeneration. Government’s task for UN-Habitat is to promote an integrated approach to planning and building sustainable cities and urban settlements, support local authorities,increase public awareness and enhance the involvement of local people, including the poor, in decision making.

” Joan Clos, Executive Director UN-Habitat, 2013

Time to think urban