Bike Projects

Being a sustainable transport NGO, promoting the use of bicycles and engaging in such projects is part of EURIST’s fundamental aspects . Make a Move is an ongoing campaign by EURIST which developed from our long term experience of working in Africa. Together with our local partners on ground, we have been supporting vulnerable people and communities in Africa through the sponsoring of bicycles.

EURIST Lectures and Webinars

Due to its direct involvement in cities transport policies and projects around the world, EURIST experts are invited by universities to give lectures on sustainable mobility. Eurist team members hold presentations and seminars at universities such as the Technical University of Munich/Tsinghua University Beijing, TU Dresden, TU Berlin and the TU Hamburg-Harburg.

Project Initiation

EURIST is initiating projects in the field of sustainable transport. Steps from project idea to „cutting the red tape“ are generally based on a comprehensive stakeholder involvement throughout the project’s phases  – and the definition of the project’s purpose, primary and secondary goals, timeframe and timeline of when goals are expected to be met. 


Through research and analysis we are developing to date knowledge on best transport practices and policies, which is our main product. Topics covered so far are Parking, Travel Demand Management, Freight, Public Transport, Non-motorised Transport, Road Safety and Land Use Planning.

Study Tours

Study tours offer the opportunity of immersion in real life experience. It offers not only students but also decision makers the chance of appreciating practices in a chosen field in a way that lectures and presentations cannot. EURIST offers study tours with the goal of enhancing perspectives in sustainable mobility.

UBA Project: Curriculum Mobility of the Youth

Urban Ropeways: A tool for intermodal public transport and urban development.Not only in developing countries, the way to handle transport and urban development will decide over the future of the cities

Urban Ropeways

Urban Ropeways: A tool for intermodal public transport and urban development.