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We have the power to impact our future, and we’re doing something about it

EURIST’s Team is supporting sustainable transport in various ways. We initiate bottom-up bicycle projects to support people in the rural areas of Africa. With these bicycles people get the chance to integrate in the society, they improve their access to education and healthcare and they also get the chance to boost their economic wellbeing. For more information please visit our bicycle projects page! To financially support us please choose if you want to transfer money to our back account.

What we do

As a Centre of Competence for Sustainable Transport we transfer best practice to cities, local and regional governments.

Our Vision

As a nonprofit organisation we want to help cities, governments and communities to develop good transport governance.

Our Challenge

The development of sustainable transport and mobility systems in an increasingly urbanised world will become one of the most challenging global issues of the future. 

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“Especially EURIST´s focus on public transport and the increased use of the bicycle in urban mobility are important to me. Due to my experience as a former Transport Minister I strongly support an increase of safe walking and cycling and the use of public transport.“

Kurt Bodewig, former German Transport Minister

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