European Institute for Sustainable Transport

EURIST – Who are we?

We are a non-governmental organisation promoting policies that improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of transport and mobility around the world. Our work focuses on the relation between transport and CO2 emission reduction, transport and the Millennium Development Goals, Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Protection, Road Safety and Freight. EURIST is based in Hamburg, Germany´s second biggest city and economic hub for northern Europe. We work with an extensive network
of national and international partners.

What we do

As a Centre of Competence for Sustainable Transport we transfer best practice to cities, local and regional governments. We provide project assistance, capacity building, lectures and seminars on different areas in passenger and freight transport.


The Problem

Most cities or regions receiving international assistance to make their transport systems more sustainable are often focused on technological solutions and do not have a holistic long-term policy.

Our Strategy

The Avoid-shift-improve strategy aims on a combination of non technological and technological solutions in a tailormade package for a specific geographical, cultural and social context.

The Challenge

The development of sustainable transport and mobility systems in an increasingly urbanised world will become one of the most challenging global issues of the future.

Our biggest Project: Africrooze




Developing and promoting e-mobility is a great oppertunity to tackle the mobility problems in Africa and improve the global climate.

To this end, we have developed the „African e-bike“ in close cooperation with various partners

Prof. Kurt Bodewig
former German Transport Minister

“Especially EURIST´s focus on public transport and the increased use of the bicycle in urban mobility are important to me. Due to my experience as a former Transport Minister I strongly support an increase of safe walking and cycling and the use of public transport.“