Donation for Africrooze

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Your contribution is more than a donation – why?

The purchase of an e-bike is subsidized by your contribution and thus financially accessible for the users.
The new owner pays between 20% and 50%. The share is determined by the local partner organization depending on income.
We offer you several ways to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility in Africa:

Note: Nevertheless, you can deduct your contribution as a „donation“ for tax purposes. The statutes of EURIST e.V. guarantee that the money is used for a specific purpose. The use of the funds is regularly checked by the Hamburg-Nord tax office.


1. via

Via the donation platform you can securely and in compliance with data protection donate online using all common payment methods::


2. Bank transfer

Receiver: EURIST e.V.
purpose: African E-Bike
Bank: SkatBank
IBAN: DE67830654080004263251

3. Or do you prefer to use Paypal or your credit card?

Simply use the donate button.

For donations up to €200, the tax office will usually only require a bank statement andyou do not need a donation receipt. For donations of an amount requiring proof, we will send you a donation receipt by post in February of the following year. Please state your address in the reference field.