Being a sustainable transport NGO, promoting the use of bicycles and engaging in such projects is part ofEURIST’s fundamental aspects. Furthermore, combining bicycles with green energy is a great chance todevelop e-bikes that can replace motorcycles as popular transport vehicles with high CO2 emissions.

Therefore, EURIST is proud to work in close cooperation with AfricroozE – a social company with focus on promoting e-mobility in Africa.


AfricroozE e-bikes are developed especially for the African continent, meeting special requirements such as

  • low price
  • particularly robust components
  • high payload capacity of 100 kg
  • speed up to 30 km/h
  • high range
  • battery charging with solar energy
  • spare parts available locally
  • a design preferred in Africa based on motorcycles

AfricroozE works on promoting these e-bikes in different African countries such as Uganda and, in addition, develops an e-mobility infrastructure there. EURIST supports AfricroozE with knowledge, an expert network and donations. E-bikes are not affordable for everyone in Africaif you would like to contribute and support this project, please send us your donation.

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