Sustainable Urban Transport in East Africa

GEF, the UN Global Environmental Facility, funds projects and initiatives related to global environmental challenges in developing and transition countries. GEF has five focus areas forming the background for the project´s targets. One of these is “Climate Change Mitigation”, setting an objective of promoting energy efficient, low-carbon transport and urban systems.
EURIST is involved in the project “Promoting Sustainable Transport Solutions for East African Cities”, which aims to reduce growth in private motorised vehicles, thus reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in the three capital cities of Addis Ababa, Kampala and Nairobi. The project goal is to create a technical and institutional basis for implementing sustainable transport networks and systems, and establish a demonstration corridor for sustainable urban mobility. The envisaged strategic response is to upgrade the transit systems in these cities, provide improved non-motorised transport infrastructure and implement travel demand management as well as other supporting policies.

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