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Eurist Campus organises Urban Transport Weeks 2015
Get in touch with the international transport community!

Transport is one of the most pressing global issues of the future
The world needs determined and creative professionals, able to understand the scope of the problem
and to envision applicable strategies beyond purely technological innovations.

Sustainable Solutions
Latest trends in Science and Practice
International Job Perspectives

The course held in two 3-Week-Blocks in Spring and Autumn 2015 intended to present the challenge, and to inspire young professionals from multiple disciplines to choose transport as their field of work.
In order to do so we have designed three modules on three main issues of urban transport.

This project was  funded by The "Federal Environmental Agency" UBA

Spring 2015

Module I:     Metropolitan Accessibility 9.3 - 13.3.2015
Module II:    Walking and cycling: 21.9 - 25.9.2015
Module III:   Urban logistics: 28.9 - 02.10.2015

Autumn 2015

Module I:     Metropolitan Accessibility 14.9. -18.9.2015
Module II:    Walking and cycling: 16.3-20.3.2015
Module III:   Urban logistics: 23.3-27.3.2015

Location: Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg


Eurist - Lectures on cycling policy 

Under the patronage of former German Transport Minister Kurt Bodewig, Eurist offers lectures about best practice in sustainable mobility.

The lectures are a combination of information inputs, online interviews with experts and plenary discussions.
In the opening year the topic will be global cycling policy. 

The project addresses students from different faculties, in order to emphasise the interdisciplinary aspect of sustainable mobility.

The overall objective is to improve the combination of teaching, practice and policy in the field of sustainable mobility. An important component is to raise the awareness of the importance of sustainable mobility for their professional careers and thus to improve the level of importance it has as a subject in relevant university classes.

In the opening year of the lectures cycling policy is used as an example for the tension between traditional transport planning and sustainable transport policy, which is so difficult to overcome.

It will be a plea for the integration of urban Planning and Transport planning in order for the future experts to be able to understand and solve some of the most challenging global issues of their time.

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In order to download the keynote presentations and some further information please use the following links.

New York

Further information on Sustainable urban Transport 

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