Dr.-Ing. Axel Friedrich

Research Coordinator

Axel is a technical chemist who worked for more than 28 years with the Umweltbundesamt (UBA). Before becoming head of the division “Environment and Transport, Noise” which deals with all transport related environmental issues, including air pollution, noise and planning, he was head of the sections “Marine Environmental Protection” and „Refineries, Fuels and Reduction of Organic Compounds”.


Since July 2008 he has been a consultant for the World Bank, GIZ, ADB and other international bodies in a number of development countries, including China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil etc. He held numerous presentations and scientific publications.


He has been involved in the rule making process in Europe for the emissions standards for cars, trucks and fuels. He is former Chairman of the OECD working group on transport, a member of the Committee of the German transport ministry for the implementation of the National Bicycle Plan, a member of the scientific advisory committee of the VCD (Verkehrsclub Deutschland), founding member of ICCT (International Council for Clean Transport) and has been awarded the Haagen- Smit Award 2006


He has specials interests in Sustainable Transport, Climate Gas Reduction, non-regulated emissions, fuel influence on the emissions, bio fuels.


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