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EURIST (European Institute for Sustainable Transport) is a non-governmental organisation promoting policies that improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of transport and mobility around the world.

Our work focuses on the relation between transport and CO2 emission reduction, transport and the Millennium Development Goals, Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Protection, Road Safety and Freight.

EURIST is based in Hamburg, Germany´s second biggest city and economic hub for northern Europe. We work with an extensive network of national and international partners.


"Especially EURIST´s focus on public transport and the increased use of the bicycle in urban mobility are important to me. 
Due to my experience as a former Transport Minister I strongly support an increase of safe walking and cycling and the use of public transport."

Kurt Bodewig, former German Transport Minister


"EURISTs work is important to me, because in the EU, transport is now responsible for 30% of all CO2 emissions. While in the industry since 1990, CO2 emissions were reduced by 34%; in the energy sector by 17% and in households by 14%, they have risen by almost 30% in traffic."

This way traffic cancels out more than twice of what has been achieved in other sectors with billions of our tax dollars.

Michael Cramer, Transport Committee of the European Parliament


"Safe cycling conditions are important to all. As a patron of EURIST´s global Cycling Projects I can emphasise this goal even better..."

Erik Zabel, Germany´s most successful cyclist


"Cycling fur us is primarily high-level bicycle racing. However, in the face of global environmental and socioeconomic challenges we understand our events as well as a platform to raise awareness for intelligent and future-oriented mobility concepts, as they are proposed and supported by EURIST."

Reinald Achilles, UPSOLUT Event Agency Hamburg

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